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5 Star Review

New Horizons

Michelle C. Leigh

Independently Published (2022)

ISBN: 979-8436535128

Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (10/2023)

5*- A Fantastic Adventure on Europa

Desperate to help her financially struggling parents and her little brother, Alexandra secretly takes a job far away from home. She believes that she will be spending a year at a mining facility in Iceland. She will be working in an area where she won’t have access to outside communications during that time. When the trip to this new job has some strange incidents happen, Alexandra starts to suspect things aren’t quite right, and she attracts unwanted attention to herself. Secretive individuals step in to save her when she realizes that her inquisitiveness has put her life in danger in “New Horizons” by Michelle C. Leigh.

Alexandra soon discovers that she is on a mining colony in Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons. Realizing that the people helping her are also in danger, she joins in with them to take drastic action against MurAdKo, the company that hired her. Meanwhile, back on earth, there are two curious individuals who are also unearthing information about MurAdKo’s secrets. The clock is ticking down on the time they have left to stop them.

“New Horizons” is a fantastic beginning to the Europa Trilogy. This riveting adventure had me hanging on to the edge of my seat while I followed the protagonist on an incredible journey on Europa. Leigh creates a captivating narrative with compelling characters in an amazing setting.

Providing rich details about the protagonist’s background made her character more interesting. I was rooting for her throughout the whole adventure. The supporting characters are also well developed and add richness to the story. They are complex and often flawed. We get to look into their minds to gain a better understanding of what compels them to act as they do.

Leigh also provides scientific detail using some real-world scientific concepts to make this strange world seem more authentic. Her vivid descriptions and engrossing dialogue made me feel like I was watching a movie! The novel’s pacing includes a balance between intense action and quieter introspective scenes. The plot is filled with unexpected twists and turns ensuring that the reader will be unable to put this book down as they are eagerly trying to discover the secrets about this place.

Michelle C. Leigh’s talented writing in “New Horizons” will have readers eagerly waiting to read the next installment in the Europa series. I know I am!

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