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I live with my partner in Minnesota where I enjoy the wonders of summer and learn to embrace the joy of winter, not always an easy task. Fortunately, snowshoeing on a frozen lake and looking into the night sky inspires me.

There is so much to explore in the world, the galaxy and the universe.  The immensity of it all makes me feel wonderfully small. 


I've had the pleasure of working with school aged kids who have taught me to appreciate the journey by reminding me that physical laws like magnetism are magic. A special thanks to the staff and students at Bluffview Montessori, Arcadia Elementary and Whitehall Elementary for inspiring me.


Please join me in celebrating curiosity.

5 Star Review

“New Horizons” is a fantastic beginning to the Europa Trilogy. This riveting adventure had me
hanging on to the edge of my seat while I followed the protagonist on an incredible journey on

Amazing Start to the Day!

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Ice is Cold, but the People are Warm

I met some great people in Rochester, Minnesota.  Thanks for all the support!

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