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Bitcoin is a Story of Value

Bitcoin for writers

I’m an indie author. I know the struggle of wrestling with a plot point. Some of my characters have gone rogue forcing me to delete thousands of words. The elation of completing a novel or even a difficult scene can’t be matched. That’s why we do it, right? Sure, there’s the hope of having that famous person read our work, send us to the bestseller list and produce our novel on Netflix but the financial reality for most of us is a much different story.

I’m also a Bitcoiner. As a science fiction writer I spend hours dreaming and imagining what the future may be like. I don’t believe it will be filled with fighting. The idea of a world-wide-web was the first step towards some of the futures I imagine. We still need a worldwide system of value.  Bitcoin is something to bring us together so we can identify our common humanity as a unifying factor instead of focusing on our differences. But my reasons for liking Bitcoin are more than a world unifying ideal. It is much more pragmatic, down to Earth if you will. As an indie author it is a technology that supports my financial reality today. It is the best store of value for long term goals. 

The timing of this article is intentional. I encourage you to learn more about it now, today. Bitcoin is entering a bull market over the next two years which means that there are opportunities for growth. You don’t need to purchase an entire Bitcoin to benefit from a bull market. You can trade as little as a single dollar into Sats (the smallest denomination of a Bitcoin, like pennies are to Dollars).

Bitcoin isn’t a political party. Although the political parties try to make people think that there is party affiliation. People of all political parties in countries around the world use Bitcoin as a store of value. What makes Bitcoin different is its peer to peer interaction and decentralization. If you have had to weather the changes that a centralized authority like Amazon makes that impact your business, you’ll appreciate the decentralized aspect of Bitcoin. 

Being an indie author has an unique set of challenges. Writing is only one of them. To make a living includes marketing whether you self publish or are a hybrid author. I have not been to a 20 books to 50 K event, yet. When I get closer to the 20 mark, I’m planning to go. But I follow and listen to many who do attend those events. My understanding is that many indie authors are looking at direct sales to help make their businesses meet their financial needs.  Bitcoin is a natural tool to help with direct sales. If you’re curious about how I’m currently using it, please check out my website or visit me in person at a book signing event. Everyday the ecosystem around the technology grows. 

Currently, I use a timeless qr code with my short stories. Readers can send me sats as a donation for the work. I accept Bitcoin lightening at events to purchase books. As far as taxes, I treat it the same as when I accept cash. Except that I give a discount for readers who buy my books with Bitcoin because it is a better store of value than just cash. 

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